You are not defined by your set backs but defined by your comeback

Born Lamonte Faison in Los Angeles, California, this fireball of an individual has always been a risk-taker and has always defied the odds. As a child, Lamonte and his family experienced being evicted from house to house and lived temporarily out of hotels. As a result of that,  Lamonte was not focused in school and was kicked out on numerous occasions for his misconduct. In 1986, Lamonte joined the United States Marines Corps to create a better life for himself, however, that would be short-lived. He acted out and allowed his anger to get the best of him,  as he consistently disobeyed orders and showed up to formation late. This attributed to Lamonte receiving a Bad Conduct Discharge from the military. 

Haunted by his lack of confidence and low self-esteem, he began to make decisions that were detrimental to his life. In 1993, he was shot while hanging out with some known drug dealers. Battling the pain of not having a relationship with his biological father and two failed relationships, he became angry and acted out, exhibiting a bad attitude with an I don’t care approach to life. Lamonte spent many days sleeping on friends couches and living out of a crack house. His lifestyle caused him to have a spiritual awakening about himself. Lamonte realized that being shown who he was, was part of his discovery process of going through change and transformation.  He vowed to defeat every negative thought he had about himself and was determined to overcome the pitfalls of his past.  

Lamonte began to read books and listened to motivational speakers. In fact, the two books that helped him the most were books by Dr. Susan Jeffers entitled, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, and a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled Excuses Begone. Excuses Begone inspired Lamonte into coming up with his own motivational phrase, Making No Excuses to Fail. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book encouraged him to take personal responsibility for his life choices, and empowered him to start the work toward being the best version of himself.  Armed with a new attitude, a can-do spirit and the desire to help others, Lamonte set out to write his first book entitled Unveiling the Mask of the Pretender. This is an explosive memoir about his life and personal struggles in his transformation.  Lamonte realized that in order to free himself from himself to find his true self, he must be honest with himself. After the release of his book, he set out to write his sophomore project, the Teenagers Guide to Making Excellent Decisions.  This book encourages and inspires youths to make better life choices for themselves, and teaches them how to transform their mindset to a mindset of recovery and limitless thinking. 

In addition to authoring several books, Lamonte has embarked on a new venture, creating a new talk show entitled The Raw Truth. A show that encourages men and others to take a deep introspection of  themselves to create the person they so desire.

Lamonte is also a former law enforcement officer and a certified academy trainer. He has taken his message to many different segments in society to help empower those who want to make a life-changing difference in their lives. Lamonte has successfully inspired youth groups, women organizations, ex-felons, and facilitated Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to law enforcement officers in Las Vegas Nevada. Nothing is more evident of his determination than his latest independent feature film entitled From the Inside Looking Out.  A film he wrote and directed, which is about life choices. Lamonte has completed another film, entitled "The Poet" a film based on  loving unconditionally. Lamonte didn't stop there, he has also authored  his fourth book,  entitled The Audacity to Think I Can.  An inspirational  book that promotes belief in self, as well as  maximizing ones full potential.

Lamonte believes that recovery is not something you just talk about, it’s something that you have to work on daily to recover from all of the erroneous information that we as a people have downloaded into the hard drives of our minds. His own transformational journey is what lead him to become a Certified Results Coach to assist others in creating a healthier compelling self-image for themselves.  Lamonte also expresses, that you must breathe and practice the principles that will allow you to free yourself from the mind viruses that has prevented you from being the best version of yourself. This is why he not only empowers  himself using the principles of success, but teaches with the desire to impact a nation to their radical self recovery and  greatness.   He challenges his clients/participants to go past their fears, and insecurities to deal with their inner demons in order to maximize their full potential. Lamonte believes that anyone can recover from their mistakes if they want to fully invest in their recovery is why his clients refer to him as the Radical Self Recovery Results Coach. 

Radical Self-Recovery


What if I told you that there was a way to set your self-free from a life of limited thinking? That right now, you have the capacity to tap into an entire new level of intelligence. That despite whatever you’ve been through whatever mistakes you’ve made you have the ability to create a new life for yourself.